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[makes his way out into the street taking 20 mins to walk to the rendezvous point in front of the place Amando had said his Mercedes was.  Simon’s hands shake with anticipation of driving such a beautiful car]

About fifteen minutes later, Scott joins Simon with his and Simon’s luggage. When he sees Simon is unscathed, he lets out a breath and smiles at his brother. “Hurry up and open the boot,” he says standing at the trunk of the car. He glances around, still paranoid that the cops will show up at any moment.


Aka France Prison. Okay, let’s give this a try little bro…. [carefully uses the mechanism to open the case and smiles when it opens] Okay, you can stop holding your breath. We’re in the clear. Just gotta do some clean up and we’ll meet at the rendezvous point. [presses the mute button in his ear before he can respond so he can work in peace then exchanges the jewel with the fake one and makes his way out trying to act natural]

"Okay," he says not realizing Simon muted him. He begins setting his programs up for Simon’s exodus from the Louvre and he finishes off his tea, feeling better about this whole thing.


It’s only Tuesday? Screw this, I need a drink.


"Rough week so far?"


— What?


"I said I can’t figure out why my laptop keeps showing this error. Do you want to see if you can find something that I missed?" He holds out his laptop.


[nods] Right, I remember now….[fishes through his pockets till he finds them  then takes a without putting them in he attempts to see what it would be like to turn them at the same time] Damn, I need a minute, I can’t turn them at the same time on my own…. [looks around for something to use and smiles when he digs through his small backpack till he finds something useful] How fucked am I if this doesn’t work?

"Very fucked. I am not completely positive what the consequences will be, but I imagine that the unlocking mechanism will completely shutdown, a silent call will go out to the local and federal police, and the entire building will go on lockdown."


[furrows his brow] Two keys? Wait don’t do it yet- two keys, why two keys? Why not just one?

"It’s a safety measure. I gave you two keys. Where are they?" Scott holds his breath. 


[smiles a bit to himself as he makes it to the stairs and leaves the equipment but stays in the overalls] I bet you look like a lunatic screaming into your computer. [gets through the double door then looks around before making his way through the exhibit to the door with the jewel] Do you get as excited as I do?

"Shut up," he says at the computer comment and he glances around the nearly deserted cafe. Luckily no one is paying him much attention. 

"Probably not," he answers Simon. "Okay, when you get to the display case, I’ll shut off the infrared monitors and you have 30 seconds from there before it turns back on. And then stick both keys in on both sides, left side first. Don’t forget that. Left side first.


[chuckles already pulling on the overalls and the hat that was left with the other stuff and walks through the door like he just cleaned there or something whispering softly after passing the guard that continues to eye him as he walks by] How am I doing? Which way?

"Up the stairs. Up! Then use the device on the double doors there. Then on the doors at the end of the exhibit. And then the next room will be where the jewel is." He lets out a breath.


[frowns a bit] There’s some cleaning stuff left in the stairs, it was just a suggestion…. [looks at the guard again] Or I could knock him out….

Scott weighs the pros and cons in his head of either idea, making mental list. He finally sighs. “Don’t knock him out. Pretend to be a janitor.” He rubs his eyes and drinks from his tea. He thanks the heavens for 24 hour cafes.


[rolls his eyes] I’ll figure something out….[climbs the stairs then checks to see where the guard is before leaning the inside wall of the stairs where he sees some left out janitor stuff] How bad of a plan is Janitor?

"Quite bad," he says, tapping away at his keyboard. "You don’t look like a janitor."